Our Counselling Packages

We offer a complete start-to-finish 5 university package with no restrictions on the amount of time that we spend with you.  More details about our process can be found (in an extremely easy to follow manner) here.

1. We first shortlist the best schools for you.

2. The next step would be to start working on your statements of work experience and the career goals statement. This is the most critical part of the application, and likely to be the most time consuming as well. A well thought through career statement dramatically increases your odds of getting into your desired school.

3. We then help you construct intensely personal and effective essays that are a true reflection of your background.

4. We stay with you through the interview process and help you make a fantastic impression on the interviewers!

We believe that you have a set of experiences that are invaluable to every business school. All it takes then, is to tell your story the right way. We help you do just that.

Get in touch with us:

Email: askjeeves [at] augustacademy [dot] in

Phone: +91 9445566135 or +91 9445589969

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    I’m looking to apply to B-schools in USA for next Fall’s entry. Can you please get me the details for your services related to admission counseling.

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